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Benefits of Physical Therapy on Brain Injury Treatment

A traumatic brain injury (also known as TBI) occurs as a result of trauma to the head, leading to damage to the brain itself. Traumatic brain injuries can result from numerous types of injuries including automobile accidents, contact sports, or falls. Symptoms can vary from mild to severe; ranging from headaches and general confusion to [...]

Understanding Spinal Manipulation

Physical therapists at Summit Physical Therapy describe spinal manipulation as a non-invasive procedure that involves the application of manual or mechanical force on the lumbar spine or cervical spine restoring its structural integrity, hence reducing pain and triggering the body’s natural healing process. Spinal manipulative therapy is a treatment technique that requires a high degree [...]

Understanding Kinesio Taping

Kinesio Taping is a definitive rehabilitative taping technique. This technique is designed in a way to facilitate the body’s healing process on muscles or joints. The method is unique as it does not restrict the body’s range of motion. It also provides prolonged soft tissue manipulation to extend the benefits of manual therapy. Physical therapists [...]

Defying Gravity with AlterG®

AlterG is the new technology in town that helps facilitate patients to gain full mobility without experiencing the effects of gravity bearing down on their bodies. It uses NASA’s Differential Air Pressure (DAP) technology. DAP is a precise air calibration (precise unweighting) system that is changing what is possible in physical rehabilitation and training. Physical [...]

Finding Best Care for your Upper Limb Rehabilitation

Upper limb rehabilitation is treatment meant for patients who have lost partial or complete movement capabilities of their upper limbs. One of the major causes of upper limb paralysis is a stroke. The phenomenon inhibits patients from undertaking any physical activity that they would have been able to before for instance, daily chores. Physical therapists [...]