Finding Best Care for your Upper Limb Rehabilitation

Upper limb rehabilitation is treatment meant for patients who have lost partial or complete movement capabilities of their upper limbs. One of the major causes of upper limb paralysis is a stroke. The phenomenon inhibits patients from undertaking any physical activity that they would have been able to before for instance, daily chores. Physical therapists at Enchantment Physical Therapy work towards helping their patients achieve mobility in parts that they have lost movement of their limbs.

Upper Limb Rehabilitation

Upper limbs include the neck, shoulder, elbow wrist, arm and hand. Pain or nerve damage in these parts means that the patient may not be able to move their heads, shoulders, hold or move things; paramount movements required by the patient to execute normal daily activities. Physical therapy at Enchantment Physical Therapy designs rehabilitation programs by working with the patient in developing the program. This way the treatment is more likely to be effective and successful as it is focused on one specific patient.

Determining the Best Care

The best care for upper limbs rehabilitation is one that is focused on the particular problem the patient is facing. You cannot have a physical therapist in Gallup, NM treating for limb weakness that is characterized by total paralysis of a limb while the patient suffers from planning and coordinating of the limbs.

The care can be considered as best if it conforms to the needs and requirement of the patient. Physical therapists in Gallup, NM may have the knowledge on upper limb rehabilitation but what is important is whether they are able to connect the program to a patient’s need.

Upper limbs rehabilitation care should be achievable. It should not be too ambitious that the patient will not be able to achieve. Therapists should not promise patients that they will gain full use of their muscles and joints as well as alleviate pain while that is not achievable. Empty promises tend to demoralize the patient as they go through their management rehabilitation program.

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