Defying Gravity with AlterG®

AlterG is the new technology in town that helps facilitate patients to gain full mobility without experiencing the effects of gravity bearing down on their bodies. It uses NASA’s Differential Air Pressure (DAP) technology. DAP is a precise air calibration (precise unweighting) system that is changing what is possible in physical rehabilitation and training.

Physical therapists at Summit Physical Therapy use the fabulous piece of equipment to facilitate their patients not to bear the full weight of their bodies thus limiting the body’s impact to maximize on rehabilitation and physical therapy outcomes.

How it Works

AlterG also made the Anti-Gravity Treadmill to apply a lifting force to the client’s body hence reduced impact of mass on their lower extremities. The marvelous equipment allows a precise unweighting of about 80% of total body mass thus making it easy for the user to concentrate on the affected region especially if it is to recover mobility.

Physical therapy at Summit Physical Therapy has changed as their clients respond differently to their therapy. The pace at which patients recover mobility is faster as compared to the same process done by physical therapists in McMurray, PA without the AlterG. It is the only equipment in the South Hills area that can help patients of all ranges. They include children, adults, seniors and athletes. Athletes use AlterG to enhance physical performance.

Any Physical therapist in McMurray, PA can understand that cutting recovery time in physical therapy is a big step towards helping people to get on with their normal lives. To all, physical therapy is the best form of treatment without side effects and more effective than over the counter medication.

Visit Summit Physical Therapy and experience the extremes through which the Anti-Gravity Treadmill can take you through. Increase your chances of a more –positive outcome with the equipment!

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